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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Zak Gives a BIG Smile for the Limited Ingredients and a Higher Nutritional products
from Nutrisca Freeze Dried dinner bites!

Just as Hemmingway chose his words with the utmost care and thought, DOGWELL has introduced a better edited RAW Freeze Dried dinner.

They had me at Gluten Free, as my nutritional guru Lauren Kaufman www.secondnatureeats.com has helped me stay away from GLUTEN, Corn Wheat and Soy I observe her dietary intelligence for my 17-year-old dog Zachary.

I am glad to see these tenants observed in Nutrisca Freeze Dried Bites. These little nuggets are gloriously grain free and potato free and they pack a huge protein punch! The tests conducted where (a) label comparisons over other leading brands offering freeze-dried patties these puppies are higher in protein, fiber and lower in fat) and (b) the taste: to which my super allergic senior likes the limited ingredients and gobbled up the meaty aroma and didn’t have itchies after dinner.

My final vote is a big paws up! I recommend you try a small bag as a treat before you integrate into your dog’s diet. Doggie Dieters - if your pup is fighting the pudge due to inactivity – lower the amount of food and rehydrate bites – the back of the bag gives you feeding guidelines that you can play with and double check with your vet or mine if you live in NY or the Hamptons– Dr Cindy Bressler drcindybressler@gmail.com.

If your pup sticks his head too far in the food, bowl to like the gravy from the rehydrated bites – don’t forget to give a quick puppy facial with your FUR cleanser.

xo Mikel





Sunday, December 19, 2010



The ideas flow for you on your daily dog walk, you know how to improve the lives of many others, but you get CAUGHT in the daunting web of HOW-TOS... you just don't have the time or resources to get your product patented, sourced, manufactured and you  want to push the product out to market with some PR pop! 

Enter this season of the EMMY WINNING Everyday Edisons.  Since they decided to have casting calls online this year, you have to put a paw in with your idea (or hand if you have a human idea) and enter!

They are searching for  TEN (10) inventors for Season 4 of the show, and Everyday Edisons will incur the cost of all the sticky and expensive parts of getting your invention of to a winning start: patenting, sourcing and manufacturing the product and all the branding/marketing and public relation strategies that go into getting a product to market. Plus, they'll secure some major bragging rights within the inventor community.
Need to see it to believe it - you can view previous seasons of Everyday Edisons are available on Hulu. (www.hulu.com/everydayedisons)

Pet products for household pets and pet parents. Casting closes on December 30th at Midnight (PST)

Other Non-Pet Catagories:
Toys and kids products for children ranging from infants to ‘tweens. Casting closes December 28th at Midnight (PST)
Kitchen, home and bath solutions and improvements. Casting closes on January 4th at Midnight (PST)

Hardware, tools and DIY products for the at-home handyman (and handywoman). Casting closes on January 6th at Midnight (PST)

Fitness and outdoor products that get consumers active. Casting closes on January 11th at Midnight (PST)

Health, wellness and beauty innovations. Casting closes on January 13th at Midnight (PST)

For more information about Everyday Edisons, please visit www.everydayedisons.com. To pitch an idea to one of their casting calls, view the innovator rules, requirements and agreements, please visit www.edisonnation.com/everydayedisons

Want to socialize with your new maker:

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/edisonnation &  www.facebook.com/everydayedisons
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/edisonnation  & www.twitter.com/everydayedison

Saturday, December 18, 2010


By J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator, Creator and Founder of FUR by J Mikel

Traveling with our pets for the holidays is a burden of  L O V E and the extra work ensures that you have your furperson or peeps to celebrate all the seasons joys with you and your family.

“Safety starts on the way to the airport. To ensure ultimate safety, comfort and convenience for two and four-legged passengers, be sure to plan, pack and follow the rules”, said Pet Safety Lady aka Christina Selter 

During a recent demo Christina and her pack rolled into town with a great program for the Pup Set and she is pictured below using a Sturdi Products bag to keep her traveling crew well protected.

FUR FACTS: Nearly 2.9 million passengers will pass through LAX from Friday December 17 through January 2nd 2011 and some of those nearly 3 million passengers will have pets.

The number #1 tip is to : BE EARLY and I might add be CALM so that your fluffy people don't pick up on your aniexty.  Maybe throw a little Bachs Remedy in your tea and rub on the gums of your pets for extra tranquility in the airport.
More FUR FACTS from Christina SelterFor Pet Air Travel Safety Tips (PATST):

Fees (average is 100.00)
Cabin or cargo: A pet under 20lb,s, which includes the carrier and can go in cabin, under your seat. 
Larger pets travel as cargo. Lock your carrier and keep ID on carrier.
Check-in: A reservation for pets is required. Your pet will be your carry-on bag.
Security: Pet Pat Down TSA style may be required for some pets.
Your carrier goes through the x-ray machine but your pet is removed from its carrier & walks with you.
Airports are required to have Pet potty areas (LAX has 5).
Packing for pets: Be sure to bring medicines, food, a toy or chew bone, ID tag, collar/harness & leash.
Size & health: Healthy to fly = current shots.
All states require Rabies vaccinations and that the animal be at least eight weeks old.
Snub nose pets like a Pug cannot fly as cargo.
Weather safety restrictions apply: Above 85 degrees and below 20, degrees pets don’t fly.

Airline transfers:
Different carriers = you are required to pick up your pet at baggage and transfer to other carrier.
Same carrier, that airline will transfer your pet for you to the next flight!

Service Dogs
Service dogs with proper ID travel in cabin free of charge.  To find out more about requirements email delicaterose9@aol.com in NY/WESTCHESTER AREA.

Learn more and Travel Safely xo J Mikel

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Eat Well, Live Well, DOGSWELLBy J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel
It is a no grainer… giving up potatoes isn’t hard to do, especially if you don’t feed yourself. Choosing the best dog food for my dog Zak is a true joy for me.

I have come to learn what works for him, what doesn’t and like to avoid excessive carbohydrates and sugars in his diet. When I read for ingredients, I am as meticulous as I was when I worked with my chemist to create our own proprietary blend for FUR!

So, I felt like doing a happy dance when I met Nutrisca. The folks at DOGSWELL make our Mellow Mutts treats and now they did it again with a grain free wonder! They are the only company to have a Lamb and Chickpea formula and that is what I love. Don’t just take my word for it, vets are valuing the formula too.

This tasty kibble is certified as a low glycemic index dog food and is a great source of protein, folic acid and fiber to give your dog the power to play and have sustained energy of a nutritious meal.

Tell spud to play catch while you fetch some Nutrisca.

Wanna big in on the fun… we are giving away 2 lucky winners a MONTH’S SUPPLY of this amazing food and invite you to find us on facebook so we can keep you in all the news. Load your picture on my fan page FUR BY J MIKEL on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1245880795#!/pages/Fur-by-J-Mikel/131322860251555

www.nutrisca.dogswell.com and MAYBE you will make it to their Tastimonial Page if I BARK loudly enough!

xoxo, Mikel

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ModKat Litter Box

By J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel

I remember reading a book called Scat, Scat go away little Cat and as an adamant animal lover, I must confess to a little waste distress with cats. L’Odeur from le poo-poo takes on a new EW for me so I want all hip cool kitty lovers to check out this box of joy.

Someone figured out the if you put the opening on the top, the icky litter stays inside the box and doesn’t get kicked around for all to share.

Keep your kitty purring and enjoy the cleaner world and this cat box is hip to the environment and has a reusable litter liner.

BUY YOURS NOW>>>>> at Beasty Feast www.beastyfeast.com or look on their website www.modkat.com


By J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel

The folks at Wetnoz have made doggy dinner finer than any average Joe diner. The company produces super chic feeders and bowls with the wit and elegance of many of the best Italian designers in the heart of Texas! Don’t let rover fall behind in his vision for design… These award winning bowls could have been picked by your interior decorator to mix in with your mod kitchen!

Feed your baby nutritious food and make it look lovely in Wetnoz`s unique line of specialty pet products makes ordinary dog bowls look like relics of ancient history. This "scoop and serve" luxury dog dish is manufactured from premium grade stainless steel, is accented with non-skid rubber feet, and handles. For more daily wags, they designed a super non-slip mat and the Ultra line gets the ultimate lift with the bowl booster. These items are easy to clean and come with a great guide to keep your stainless steel surgically clean. But don’t stop at one because the shapes, colors and textures are super fun and pair well with other great modern dog gear.

And shouldn’t all healthy dog’s have a wet nose… I mean Wetnoz bowl, accessorie or toy?

Sold at some of the best pet stores like Green Pet Dallas http://www.greenpetdallas.com/ and http://www.caninestyles.com/.  To view the whole collection go to http://www.wetnoz.com/


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