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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Eat Well, Live Well, DOGSWELLBy J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel
It is a no grainer… giving up potatoes isn’t hard to do, especially if you don’t feed yourself. Choosing the best dog food for my dog Zak is a true joy for me.

I have come to learn what works for him, what doesn’t and like to avoid excessive carbohydrates and sugars in his diet. When I read for ingredients, I am as meticulous as I was when I worked with my chemist to create our own proprietary blend for FUR!

So, I felt like doing a happy dance when I met Nutrisca. The folks at DOGSWELL make our Mellow Mutts treats and now they did it again with a grain free wonder! They are the only company to have a Lamb and Chickpea formula and that is what I love. Don’t just take my word for it, vets are valuing the formula too.

This tasty kibble is certified as a low glycemic index dog food and is a great source of protein, folic acid and fiber to give your dog the power to play and have sustained energy of a nutritious meal.

Tell spud to play catch while you fetch some Nutrisca.

Wanna big in on the fun… we are giving away 2 lucky winners a MONTH’S SUPPLY of this amazing food and invite you to find us on facebook so we can keep you in all the news. Load your picture on my fan page FUR BY J MIKEL on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1245880795#!/pages/Fur-by-J-Mikel/131322860251555

www.nutrisca.dogswell.com and MAYBE you will make it to their Tastimonial Page if I BARK loudly enough!

xoxo, Mikel

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