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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The ModKat Litter Box

By J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel

I remember reading a book called Scat, Scat go away little Cat and as an adamant animal lover, I must confess to a little waste distress with cats. L’Odeur from le poo-poo takes on a new EW for me so I want all hip cool kitty lovers to check out this box of joy.

Someone figured out the if you put the opening on the top, the icky litter stays inside the box and doesn’t get kicked around for all to share.

Keep your kitty purring and enjoy the cleaner world and this cat box is hip to the environment and has a reusable litter liner.

BUY YOURS NOW>>>>> at Beasty Feast www.beastyfeast.com or look on their website www.modkat.com

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