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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


By J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator
Founder and Creator of FUR by J Mikel

The folks at Wetnoz have made doggy dinner finer than any average Joe diner. The company produces super chic feeders and bowls with the wit and elegance of many of the best Italian designers in the heart of Texas! Don’t let rover fall behind in his vision for design… These award winning bowls could have been picked by your interior decorator to mix in with your mod kitchen!

Feed your baby nutritious food and make it look lovely in Wetnoz`s unique line of specialty pet products makes ordinary dog bowls look like relics of ancient history. This "scoop and serve" luxury dog dish is manufactured from premium grade stainless steel, is accented with non-skid rubber feet, and handles. For more daily wags, they designed a super non-slip mat and the Ultra line gets the ultimate lift with the bowl booster. These items are easy to clean and come with a great guide to keep your stainless steel surgically clean. But don’t stop at one because the shapes, colors and textures are super fun and pair well with other great modern dog gear.

And shouldn’t all healthy dog’s have a wet nose… I mean Wetnoz bowl, accessorie or toy?

Sold at some of the best pet stores like Green Pet Dallas http://www.greenpetdallas.com/ and http://www.caninestyles.com/.  To view the whole collection go to http://www.wetnoz.com/

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