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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Zak Gives a BIG Smile for the Limited Ingredients and a Higher Nutritional products
from Nutrisca Freeze Dried dinner bites!

Just as Hemmingway chose his words with the utmost care and thought, DOGWELL has introduced a better edited RAW Freeze Dried dinner.

They had me at Gluten Free, as my nutritional guru Lauren Kaufman www.secondnatureeats.com has helped me stay away from GLUTEN, Corn Wheat and Soy I observe her dietary intelligence for my 17-year-old dog Zachary.

I am glad to see these tenants observed in Nutrisca Freeze Dried Bites. These little nuggets are gloriously grain free and potato free and they pack a huge protein punch! The tests conducted where (a) label comparisons over other leading brands offering freeze-dried patties these puppies are higher in protein, fiber and lower in fat) and (b) the taste: to which my super allergic senior likes the limited ingredients and gobbled up the meaty aroma and didn’t have itchies after dinner.

My final vote is a big paws up! I recommend you try a small bag as a treat before you integrate into your dog’s diet. Doggie Dieters - if your pup is fighting the pudge due to inactivity – lower the amount of food and rehydrate bites – the back of the bag gives you feeding guidelines that you can play with and double check with your vet or mine if you live in NY or the Hamptons– Dr Cindy Bressler drcindybressler@gmail.com.

If your pup sticks his head too far in the food, bowl to like the gravy from the rehydrated bites – don’t forget to give a quick puppy facial with your FUR cleanser.

xo Mikel





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