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Monday, August 16, 2010


Written by J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator

By definition: FASHION consists of current and evolving trends that illustrate unique expressions rather than the practical! To understand this dance... just keep your eye on dog loving designers like: Lela Rose, Marc Jacobs, John Bartlett and Valentino as they reweave their fashion seasonally while holding on to their voice! I marvel at how we put our running shoes on and try to keep up in the pet industry!


This show is a culmination of all the greatness that fashion races to illustrate and define but is hyper-focused on the pet industry. PET FASHION WEEK sets out to interpret and capture the pet trends and wound up becoming a trendsetter all by itself. They select applicants based on the innovation and quality of their lines and the hand-picked parts make up for a very solid show.

PFW serves as the ultimate solution for discerning buyers to find and source top dawgs for their online and premium pet boutiques! In a fast paced world where many buyers shop web distributors like http://www.wholesalepet.com/ - it really helps for people to meet and develop personal relationships. Many shops are holding pre fashion week sales like THE DOG SHOP.

This show has a strong and educated voice from it's global presence! PET FASHION WEEK currently travels to Japan, Brazil and the US! Helping buyers gain a universal perspective while staying local. Besides sourcing brands and translating trends, the show also works with various design schools in the US, Sweden and Tokyo.

I am looking forward to seeing the jewels of Bling Bone and Andrea Levine who both cater to celebrities and the petcentric... you might have seen the bling bones in my video Doggie Extra credit on Penny Lane and Lily Pads - they are super chic and fun! There will be other jewel options too so I am excited to see the ornamentation of our pet nation!

For my passion for fashion, I hear that my heart will be filled, but I am super looking forward to seeing Manfred of Sweden and I hope Wiggles is there too. I will be sharing the booth with Te-lesha by Telicia who makes those buttery leather bags when she is not designing for top fashion designers in booth P125.

I am shopping for toys too - because I like color coordinating plushies by Room Candy and Fluff but know there will be some amazing things so I will have to start planning my shopping trip on http://www.petfashionweek.com/ and hope you do too.

Live the FUR life - the best life at this wonderful show! I will be with my camera crew too... so please gloss your lips and get ready to purr about a few of your favorite things - pet things!

xoxo, Mikel and old man Z!

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