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Sunday, June 20, 2010



Lancome Boutique on Columbus Avenue is a sweet beauty find. Not only are they across the street from the Cupcake haunt Magnolia Bakery, but they cater to women and their dogs.

Yesterday, along with Andrea Arden a NY dog trainer, I was invited to bring FUR and meet and great the dog-loving beauty consumers. The VIPups were treated to Wellness snacks, Lancome doggie kerchiefs and great tips about training and cleaning their dogs. In attendence were many of NYC's celebriPUPs who cam out to support Lancome's fundraising efforts for the Humane Society.

So the next time you need your eyebrows sculpted or want to enjoy a day of pampering - don't leave all the good stuff for the dogs. Head over to Lancome Boutique, where the staff of expertly trained makeup artist and estheticians know your name and your dog it is like the CHEERS of beauty boutiques!

Come time to beauty up for Fashion Week - Lancome is booking appointments for makeup applications and while you can always stop by it is best to call 212 362 4858 to reserve your time since this beauty secret is being shared and cherised by more than just canines.

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