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Thursday, May 27, 2010



Funny for Fido is a great organization that brings together top Comedians together to raise money for various Shelters and Rescue groups. The comedy fundraiser at Carolines On Broadway had NY talents Colin Quinn, Dave Attell, Robert Kelly, Amy Schumer, and Pete Correale. The event was hosted by Justin Silver, the founder of Funny for Fido and a talented comedian with a heart full of dogs and cats!

I was floored by the RESCUE INK TEAM, I am not sure if it was meant to be funny but lion size men purring like kittens over teeny tiny dogs, I tell ya, “That ain’t right”. Once I got past the oddity of seeing the towering muscle dense arms of Rescue Ink tattooed guys cradle abused and sick dogs as somewhat silly, I was really moved by how they work to stop dog abuse. Pet abuse and neglect is an epidemic that needs to be addressed as the data collected by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) these grass-roots organizations like Rescue Ink, Mighty Mutts, Smilin Pitbull rescue, Posh Pets Rescue all lend their support and defend against animal abuse, with individual care. Smilin Pitbull had the sweetest girl named Piggy who is looking for a home. This dog was so loving – you might throw away all your washcloths since she can kiss any face clean!

Dog abuse is no laughing matter, luckily, these guys really give second chances and homes to the many animal rescues they are called on and they work with other groups like All these groups work to get the dogs food, shelter, medical care and permanent homes and Funny for Fido raises money to provide grants to cover costs.

Besides the amazing organizations, some top dogs in the industry donated time, product to Funny for Fido’s drive. One of my favorite pet shops in NYC, The Barking Zoo donated a fabulous assortment of treats for the goody bag with their signature tennis balls, frisbees and snacks to delight all the well-loved pups who have their forever homes and Lani dog gave their Woods candle fur all of us to enjoy. I was also delighted that Babette Haggerty lends her knowledge to train and rehabilitate some of the rescue dogs.

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