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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Written by J Mikel Sacher, The Canine Curator

Lynn Blake set out to find the best for her Purrfect PUPfriend and wound up becoming a hub of all things to humans that love dogs which she has organized into a great dog business, THE DAILY KIBBLE.
I adore the whimsical tone and fun finds Lynn and her team promote. Thankfully, I know the joy to be felt from her when my FUR by J Mikel products were playfully shared with her audience. Being the celebritory kind of gal I am, I have danced a jig for my customers and other fantastic dog manufactuers who have been editorially captured by this delightful dog community!

I recently caught up with Lynn at Pet Fashion Week, where jewlers like Andrea Levine showcased their doggie delights and also proudly gave out postcards noting that they were featured in DAILY KIBBLE!

So, I have been following Daily Kibble for years and enjoy your unique
voice and posh image. When and how did you first decide to develop your
idea into such a wonderful business and how has your voice or depth of
coverage expand?

Daily Kibble started as a casual conversation between two dog-loving and
pet-doting friends who lived on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and joined
forces to create a trendy, clever, fun daily e-mail for like-minded
petlovers wanting to be in-the-know. We’ve grown purely via word-of-mouth
beginning with friends who coveted our own fabulous finds for our pets, to
a national audience of readers for whom pets are full-fledged family
members entitled to life’s finest luxuries. The original idea arose
because people were often stopping both of us on the street in Manhattan
asking where they could get what our pet(s) were wearing, playing with,
munching, using, and enjoying.

Your website www.dailykibble.com was designed to be a resource for pampering pets, what was the most shocking decadence you scooped the poop and did it break anyones petbook vs their checkbook?

There are so many of course, but Ilovedogdiamonds.com certainly comes to
mind. They offer true heirloom quality gems for pets, the costs of which
rival the national debt of some small countries! Buyer Beware: the site is
not for the faint of heart (or pocketbook)!

How has running daily kibble enhanced your own pet’s life?

Being at the crossroads of anything and everything pet-related such as
upcoming products, healthcare, safety, trends, ethical issues, rescue,
clever innovations and more, gives us a broad perspective not otherwise
possible. Moreover, it’s our job and raison-d’etre to track the latest and
greatest, hottest and coolest everything for pets. So, it’s the perfect
mix of business and pleasure, all of which flows directly to the benefit
of our own furbabies.

What 3 dog items are most essential to you?
Mmmmmm. That’s a tough one. Certainly a top quality dog food, toys that
entertain and stimulate development, stylish outdoor gear, and an
uber-comfortable bed for ZZZZZZZZZZs. That’s 4, but who’s countin?.
Essentially, that covers (as Freud saw it!) what life’s about: love and

You come up with creative and informative content every day and I love
your gift guides. What do you think is the next biggest category in pet
market and why?

We are working on our Holiday Gift Guide and we are doing the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway this year. Winners will win over 12 days, 12 different products with one grand prize winner. Stay tuned!

I met you at Pet Fashion Week, what other shows or events do you

We attend all the major trade shows for high-end luxury pet wares,
including H. H. Backer, Pet Fashion Week and more. We are committed to
staying on top of the latest trends, the newest innovations, the most
clever ideas, and the best pet products in all categories. That’s what we
promise our readers, and that’s how we save them time, money and legwork
so they have more to lavish on their furry best friends.

Who is your favorite dog trainer and is your dog perfectly loved or
perfectly trained?

Our dogs are perfectly loved, for sure. Perfectly trained? Shhhhhhhh!
Don’t tell.

We have lots of favorite dog trainers all over the country, including some
who have strengths in particular areas such as aggression, or tiny breeds,
or new babies. The list is long, but we are always happy to respond to
individual requests and of course, who is best depends on where the pooch
and owner live.

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