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Friday, July 23, 2010



Pet Mania is an amazing magazine that captures the sophisticated trends of haute dogs in Thailand.The editors strive to bring simple solutions in the world of animal lovers and is the only stylish pet magazine in Thailand. I think we take our glossies for granted, because everyday I see another dog specific magazine added to the shelves of Barnes and Noble!

I always look for who Pet Mania profiles and count myself lucky to have them in my FUR DOGS group and loved their write up on Bocker Labradoodle!

I asked Indy to answer a few questions about her interests in the industry and her passion for PET MANIA magazine which is written in Thai.

When did Pet Mania first launch?
PetMania was launched in August 2005.

As the premier Pet Magazine catering to the Pet Loving and Thai Elite how did your magazine build such a great awareness in the US ?
Actually PetMania Magazine is the THAI language edition, our real targets
are people in Thailand only but the nowaday technology help us to build awareness to foreign readers by surprise!

What are your 3 favorite Dog Stores in Thailand ?
There are significantly smaller amount of good quality oPet Stores in Thailand than in the US and Europe.

I will choose from my personaly experience which are Prima Dog @ Central Chidlom and Zen (not any more) with good service and nice product, MuMu Shop with differenciated Product and finally RoongRueng (1998) Pet Shop with high range of Product line and very friendly Price.

How are Thailand and US Pet Marketplaces similar and different in your opinion?

In my opinion, Thailand pet marketplaces are just only a small shop, the main products focusing on just dogs and cats and there are just a few product line in the shop when comparing to US it's totally difference. Since the culture is also differnce so the way of having a pet at home is also difference.

Who was your favorite interview to date?

My favourite celebrity is Natalie Glebova (Miss Universe in 2005), she not only beautiful but also very kind she adopt 2 cats from shelter in Thailand. We used to interview her last year with her 2 cats - Tammy and Molly.

If you could interview any famous dog lover in the world who would it be and why?

OH! there're so many, difficult to decide such as Jessica Alba, Richard Gere, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Oven, Zac Efron and more!

Saving the best for last>>>>>>>

What dog do you have and what is his/her favorite goodies (food/toys/fashion)?

Personally I have 4 beagles and they love tennis ball so much. Their favourite activity is fetch the tennis ball.


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