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Wednesday, May 12, 2010



If a picture says a thousand words then chatty canine loving New Yorkers are going to cash in at the bank with zillions of Webster’s Words with their pet portraits by Petographs.

Ixiana has masters in fine arts and was fortunate to combine her love of her cute Chihuahuas and art into an amazing business. Ixiana founded Petographs to help you preserve your Kodak moments with your Canine. Visit www.petographs.com to view some of the furbulous shots of pups she has snapped over the years.

Being the artist and pro-in-the-know Ixiana entertains your dog untill she captures your guys spirit in a fun shot with good lighting to go beyond amateur snaps that fill your i-phone and facebook photo galleries!

Whether you set up a session in your home, hire her to do a pup party or visit her studio for a mini session... you will delight in the power of professional photography and the moments she can capture on film. Petographs photography will get a big paws up from your pup. Ixiana loves giving you and your K9 the warm fuzzy treatment and she is great with kids too!

Give your pup his or her well-deserved 5 minutes of fame!

Petographs also generously donates time to help Animal Haven and other animal causes. Therefore, your vanity helps shelter pets find loving homes too. Take that, and get your show off shot with your dog while you smile wide and your pup barks for more!


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